Small Business Lending: The Traditional Banker Is Dead
You might think this is an overstatement, but times are changing and the above headline might not be as much hyperbole as you think.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.forbes.com

“How to Secure Financing for you Business Commercial Real Estate Needs?

 As a small business owner, you should know and understand the capital financing options available to you. Banks are the largest lenders for small businesses across the United States. But, getting a traditional bank loan for a small business is often a huge challenge. About 72 percent of small business that apply in fact get rejected. That’s because traditional banks require business to meet several criteria to secure financing.  It does not mean that you cannot secure financing from a lender. Small business owners should know that commercial mortgage brokers can help them get access to the capital they need and the kind of loans available to them nationwide.”