We continue to see an increase in occupancy within all commercial real estate sectors. We believe the apartment market will continue to see high occupancy rates due to the current housing issues like lack of affordability and credit and inventory availability. The retail and office space on the other hand will continue to lag when compared to apartment units. Large anchor tenants like Macys and Sears are leaving the brick and mortar stores to focus more on their online retail and co-working spaces now offering cost effective office space to small business owners. We think that the opposite is bound to happen to the office and retail space and occupancy will fall much further than we have seen in the last few years. Instead, we believe the industrial market will pick up some of or most of anchor tenants as more of the Macys of the world will see the need for distribution centers around the country.  Despite all of this, the real estate market is in for a significant shift in the next 10 years due to the change from a service to knowledge based economy. As real estate investors we must stay on top of the trends in politics, economy and the social environment that affects our income producing properties.